Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yemen Temple

Yemen Temple was one of the coolest looking levels in my opinion. The puzzles were really cool because they didn't rely on some kind of engine trick, they were all visual tricks that you could see in real life. In the FX department we made these water meshes the require a complicated technique. In the end the water ways were covered by a grate and you never see the animation of the water. You can see it flowing though so it's still cool. Check out some stills from the level below. Keith created some fx for the level as well. He made the fires that light up the words at the end of the level as well as torches. He worked with one of our programmers Charles Tangora to create a torch effect that would inherit some of Drakes movements as he swung the torch. So the torch has a kind of cloth like foreground element that has a material Keith made for it. The material has a threshold value that animates as Drake swings it to break the flames up a bit when it's swung. Nice. I did some atmosphere effects, and water fx including the water in the hub of the level. I also did the fx for the smoke bomb fight at the end. There are also a couple of stills from Yemen Chase for some fx I worked on. The rest of Yemen Chase was done by the talented Iki Ikram.

Here is a list of cool people whom worked on this level.
Background Modeler: David Baldwin
Texture Artists: Adam Marquis/Khanh Nguyen
Lighting: Eva Krzeminski/David Witters
Foreground Artists: Paul Moya/Christophe Desse
IGC Animator: Troy Slough
FX Artists: Keith Guerette/Doug Holder

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