Friday, July 25, 2014

What Have I Been Up To?

Making Games
What have I been up to? That's a very good question voice from the void. Judging by my blog it would appear as though I've been doing nothing. I assure you I've been very busy. Since my transition into design I've focused mostly on that exactly. Design. But in my personal time I've actually begun work on a couple of games in Unity. These are my own personal endeavors and began originally as a reason to dig into Unity and C#. Just like everything I try to take on I dream way too big and refuse to quit. Every time I have an idea for a game I write it down no matter how absurd. Some of them have sounded pretty cool and others just ridiculous, ranging from "A game where you play as a kid who falls asleep at their desk and dreams of fighting creatures inside their desk on a quest to liberate the desk people from the oppressing Eraser of Existence." to "A cosmonaut that fights bears in space". You see what I mean.

1980 Something

One I began work on is title "1980 Something". You play as a cop in the 80's on a path of revenge. I really love 80's action movies like Cobra and Lethal Weapon and wanted to make a 2d game with side scrolling platforming and shooting and brawling. It's super ambitious but I'm doing my best to see it through. I've made some good progress thus far and have hit a few snags and limitations but I have some decent melee in the game already and some good platforming stuff. I'm not a great artist so it's tough to create the characters and what not but progress is being made and I look forward to showing something in the future.

Thumb Wars

About a week ago I started work on another smaller game that I'm just calling "Thumb Wars" right now. It's a 3d thumb wrestling game. Initial prototypes are pretty solid and a lot of fun. Two people use one controller to thumb wrestle and I have high hopes for creating different "Hands" to choose from as characters and any other ridiculous ideas I can come up with. I plan on updating my blog with progress on both of these games.