Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Quickening

so i was engaging in some very intellectual conversation with a friend of mine about a mutual friend of ours. the mutual friend in question is awesome at everything and its ridiculously unfair to the rest of the human race. Ity was in this conversation that i said "if this were highlander, i would take his head." This is a sort of dark compliment but a compliment none the less. this got me thinking about the theory in question of the quickening. the other friend (tony) was saying something about him taking his head and getting his power and so i had the though and question of how could be both benefit from the quickening of only one immortal death. i think that if we held the sword together then maybe we could both benefit from the resulting quickening but what it each of us only got part fo the things that he had to offer. and what if the quickening could offer up physical traits? could tony get his abs and i get his Asian eyes? or could i get his awesome skills of flipping around and tony get his dancing. this then had me thinking "if i had some Asian eyes but the rest of me were to remain the same that would piss off a lot of people." they might think that im making fun of Asians or something and try to kick my ass but i would just flip away.