Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Uncharted 3: Syria and Chateau Forest

I was largely responsible for the fx in Syria. Explosions, falling chunks of walls, collapsing buildings, water. All sorts of crazy stuff. Chateau Forest was another area I spent time adding falling leaves and atmospheric stuff. Not a lot of dynamic stuff in Chateau Forest but it's all in the details. There are butterflies and little things like that. Check out some images of some of the fx created. It's also worth mentioning that without the talented artists making these levels look great, our fx would just be "poofs and sparkles".

List of Awesome Artists whom worked on these levels:
Foreground: Mike Fadollone/Mike Hatfield/Christophe Desse
Background/Modeler: Todd Foster/Reiko Sato
Texture Artists: Genesis Prado/Malcolm Hee
Lighting Artists: Dave Witters/Ai-Fen
IGC Animators: Chris Ilvento/Nate Brown/Ricardo FLores
FX Artists: Iki Ikram/Eben Cook/Keith Geurrette/Doug Holder
If I've forgotten anyone please let me know.

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