Thursday, December 1, 2011

Uncharted 3: Cruise Ship FX

So now that the game is out in the wild I can post some examples of what I worked on. I will post some Highlights from levels and assorted things I worked on in multiple posts. It is also worth noting that without the talented help from the FX team I would not have been able to make any of this. These guys are brilliant. I have and continue to learn an insane amount of techniques. So here are some images from cruise ship and a couple of videos I quickly threw together.

List of talented artists whom worked on this level:
Foreground: Paul Moya/Christophe Desse
Background: David Baldwin
Texture Artists: Adam Marquis/Khanh Nguyen
IGC Animators: Troy Slough/Brian Robison
FX Artists: Eben Cook/Doug Holder
Lighting Artist: Dave Witters

Christophe Desse created the foreground elements for the awesome ship explosion at the beginning of the video.

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