Monday, August 23, 2010

Sheeter and Realflow 5

So I have been using Realflow for about 4 years now. Something like that. One of the biggest things that would annoy me is meshing some sims which have particles of high velocity. When you get those high velocities you get these holes in your mesh. Looks like and old tree sometimes and it would make me a sad panda. Well along comes Realflow 5, Which by the way has a plethora of other cool as shit stuff in it, they come along with the "Sheeter" daemon. This bad mofo can fill in gaps without increasing the resolution of the emitter. There are a few options to control the sheeter, things like cavity size and what not. It's frakkin great. Here is a visual example of how I used the sheeter on a sim I was working on at work.

Brian Alvarez Giant Laser Sim from Doug Holder on Vimeo.

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