Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Been a while...

So I moved to LA to work for a really cool studio called SunnyBoy Entertainment. I am still working on 1000 Ways to die but in the mean time I have been messing around of course. One thing I did real quick a while back was this laser sim that I saw Brian Alvarez do for the game trailer Vanquish. It was really cool and I liked the way it looked so I tried to make something similar. It came out alright. I am trying to get a couple side projects going but I am finding time difficult to come by and if I am going to get involved in a side project with others I really want it to be worth it. Hah that's not me talking down to anyones abilities, Merely I need them to be very engaged and committed. Im' going off on a tangent now. I have some ideas and I'll post the up when they are more refined.

Brian Alvarez Giant Laser Sim from Doug Holder on Vimeo.

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